Faded Picture in a Frame…

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

I sometimes call out your name, as I wake from a dream, only to realize that you’re no 

longer here beside me. There are days when I walk along the old trail behind our house…I 

swear sometime I can hear you calling out my name in the distance. Only to realize it’s just 

two kids playing in the distance. Oh, how I wish that you were here one more time, just so I 

could bask in the warmth of your smile and listen to the soothing sigh off your laughter. No 

nothing is still the same since the day…God called you back to be with him. God sure is a 

lucky fellow, to have someone as special as you in his company. Lord, knows you must have 

them all laughing and smiling…as you make those funny faces and sounds with your hands to 

your face. I can’t help but to think of you as I past that old faded picture of me and you that 

hangs on the wall. Maybe…next week I will throw it out? After all it’s all faded and the frame 

is breaking up, guess it’s from all the tears I shed on it, each time I took it off that wall?