Written by: casper chubs

She tells me how much she loves me
With how much she really wants it
Im the only one that can set her free
Im wondering how much i can get

She absolutley gets me feeling high
When she pulls me closer to where i fall
Then i reach down and touch her thigh
Thats when its my name i hear her call

Deep into eachothers eyes we'll stare 
I would give or do anything to have her
What me and her have is especially rare
We dont care what will happen after

Right now im just missing her presence
I wish i would never have to let her go
I never want to embrace her absence
If i have to then i dont want to know

I worry that i will never see her again
I guess that is probably the hardest part
I wonder if she still likes any other men
Ive given her the power to break my heart

Cringing at the thought of losing this
I know that im in love with her too
I feel it everytime our lips meet in a kiss
And baby this one is for you