The Day I took Her Voodoo Away (true story) Part 2

Written by: Danny Nunn

By sending, "The Old Witch" a Bible,I knew I would get a reaction
Deep down inside, she knew that God's word would bring her down
She called all her demons to get me
My elimination, was the only thing that would bring her satisfaction
She called the El Paso Police, she controls the law in El Paso town
"Throw him in jail and throw away the key"

In a cafe eating lunch, the parking lot filled with police cars
I knew that I was the target, I had to stay calm
With gun drawn, six surrounded me
I knew that I would be behind bars
"Like throwing water on a witch", she thought it was a bomb
But in his way, God would set me free

In shackles and chains, they took me to a cell
Had a Kangaroo court, set for my demise
Judge Alex Gonzales said, "This is a serious offense"
Got six months, she was happy I was in her living Hell
But I knew that it was not a crime in God's eyes
This insanity, made no common sense

When I got to jail, I got a Bible to read
Set me at ease, made the time go fast
I knew  that it was the one thing that would se3t me free
And his word were the strength that I would need
No matter how evil the spell she had cast
Criminals to them we all are, Jesus was with me