The Sun is Shining, but it's a dark day

Written by: Gareth James

I gave you my soul, I trusted you.
You inspire the things I do.
You made me feel warm with emotion
I gave you my life, I gave you devotion.

You know better than the rest.
I love you, I consider you the best
Everyone I have loved, I’ve lost.
Then let down by you, I’m chilled like frost.

Such a gutting feeling deep with-in
To break my cord with you feels a sin
You swore that you wouldn’t let me fall
Maybe I don’t have a Spirit guide at all?

Empty oaths from your very heart
I feel I need to begin from the very start 
Why did you promise such things?
Now I see you my angel, with no wings

Loosing my faith, I’ve lost my way
Not caring where I am or the time of day
Nan, it’s not the chapters you insisted would be
Let down by many. All alone now, that I see

Maybe I should take part of the blame?
Perhaps I’m an idiot to think of promised fame?
You have hurt me deep in my soul
Bruised and hurt, I’ll never be whole.

My core aches and will continue to do so.
One more hit from you and it will be the final blow.
Cards and emotions tucked away for sure
Please leave me be, I cant take this any more :-(

*Mary/John, please prove me wrong!