Healing Heart

Written by: Patricia Gregory

My heart would hurt, hurt so bad
I would really feel the pain and I would become so sad
I knew the things that were bothering me
It was not real hard for me to see
All the drugs that I had ever did
I’m able to share that God allowed me to live
Crack tore my world completely upside down
Turned me into a very ugly clown
I wish I could take back all the bad and wrongs I’ve done
The pain the hurt the misery that I caused to everyone
Boy the things that I missed out on life
Has finally brought a new perspective to my sight
Now the time has come for me to live
To do things that I have never did
I am so grateful to be clean and sober now
Watch out world I’m gonna turn it upside down
I mean that in a positive tense
I got tired of all that other nonsense
Now with me getting my life back
Things is going to stay on the right track
I share one thing that is for sure
Now that I’m in my new world, crack will be no more!!!!!!!

Psalms 147:3
He health the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds.