Natasha - Direct from God

Written by: Gareth James

You are the wings that protect my soul 
When you touched my heart, you made me whole

You amaze me with every step you make
Light surrounds my heart, one thing that would ache.

But you are a earth Angel.

I see your soul through you beautiful browns
The mystery that dwells, I see us wearing crowns

The darkness in my life before you lit the candle
Hurting emotions I felt were more than I could handle 

God sent you with your pure heart

I love you with my heart, my darling Natasha Leigh
You opened my eyes to my pained life, at peace I can be.

How have I been gifted to be the luckiest man on earth?
You look and say “some day Baby, you will know your self worth”

You are my life Soul Mate.

*Dedicated you my Wife. She has been the light in my life and has given me the inspiration to 
write through my heart and Soul.