Invisible Woman

Written by: Marty Owens

Although I couldn't see her I knew she was there.
     Her essence filled the room with her perfume in there.

She was an invisible woman in need.
     Her wet, musky sex speeding her greedy sin there.

Being invisible made it near impossible.
     For what she wanted me to do, the air seemed thin there.

Invisibility has it's perks as you well know.
     She can do everything that she wants to do with all men there.

Scanky yes, but what the hey, when it comes to the lay.
     She has that need to play, so all men will win there.

Do invisible rosebuds smell the same you all ask?
     Well if you can see this mans face, there's a grin there.

He's putting snow white flakes into this luscious rosebud.
     The beauty of it astonishes all women there.

The luscious rosebud clutches like a tight fitting glove.
      Invisible woman uses her rosebud when there.

I know this because I experienced her glove.
      I'm here to say that invisible woman's been there!

Note: For Jarad's contest....hope this is close enough!!  lol