Gaze upon beMUSEment

Written by: Brandon Basson

In almost drowning, I swallowed the thought
Of colors in bubbles and pride well caught 
The constant concrete fear at my feet 
Shackled and dragged me down to the deep
Oblivious uncertainty caused me to yearn
And showed me how much I’ve yet to learn
You dipped me in rainbows of gentle stokes grim
You’ve filled me back up and forced me to swim
While teaching no limits when I wanted to fly
Embraced my mind and opened its eye
You’re the goddess of inspiration and prowess
The SOS before my call of distress
You’ve washed me in color, in doing so, raised me
Authentically molded, repainted and saved me
An awe inspiring greatness so gallant
In turn, I thank you for sharing a talent
that marveled emotions and left them dazed
And promised a future that’s yet to amaze
Quite frankly this gesture has left me wide open 
I’m blown and bemused by art honestly spoken