Summer Sounds

Written by: Corinne Curcio

The Cicadas sing so loudly
Drowning out everything
Except the airplane 
Soaring, roaring overhead -

But the Dragonfly is so quiet
As it daintily alights
Upon a pinker than pink 
Lotus blossom
Then takes off in flight

In a nearby weeping willow tree
A Robin sing somewhere above me
His warbling song
An aural delight of myriad notes

But I came all this way
With bulky binoculars 
Hoping a Hummingbird
Or two - would appear
Just as I had planned

But they had other ideas
For I thought I heard them 
Snickering nearby
At my hubris for thinking
I could coax them out of the trees
Just for my benefit!

For Laura Mackenzie's "Sounds of Summer"  contest