Written by: Savannah Rose Harper

Ahh, we meet again my foe
Away is one place you seem to never go.
Trying to drag me in to your delicious lust,
So full of temptation, I'm fixin' to bust!

"Come on," you say. "Just one little bite,"
"No, no," I reply. "My jeans are already too tight!"
Now and then you make me succumb
Then your lusciousness makes me go numb

Your sweet talk tip-toes inside my ear
One of many things I do not wish to hear
For it puts me to a challenge, the worst at most
For I know if you win you will never cease to boast

STOP bamboozling me into your splendor!
Even if you are so tender!
Against you and your flavor I hold the deepest grudge,
So I bid you adieu, my dearest friend------ Fudge.