Mon Amour Toujours (My Love Forever)

Written by: Destiny Orschell

He lay next to me in the wild golden grass that swayed with the night air
he wrapped his warm arms carefully and protectively around me
until I smiled, glanced at the stars, and gently pulled away.
I kissed his cheek sweetly then looked once more at the sky.
"Do you see that star?" I murmured softly, "The one beside the moon?"
His eyes drifted skyward as he searched the space around the moon's dim light.
Slowly I pulled the folded paper out of my pocket and placed it in his hands.
"It's mine or rather it's yours," I whispered taking his hand in my own.
"Mon Amour...My Love" he read the name and squeezed my hand  
with a smile as he examined the roughly creased paper,
He was confused that much I could see and I waited until finally he asked,"Why?"
I shook my head then replied,"You showed me how much I could be loved,
and every night I would look up at the stars and wish I could keep you happy.
When I would stare into your eyes you'd always comment on the twinkle in mine,
so I thought I would give you a star to remind you of me when ever we're apart."
He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and breathed into my neck,
"No star can compete with the sparkle in your precious eyes when you're with me,
but Mon Amour will always remind me what I'm living for."
He continued then pulled out a roughly handled piece of paper and said,
"Do you see that star? The one next to Mon Amour?
It's mine or rather it's yours. A Toujours...Forever."
My heart skipped a beat as I covered my tearful smile and asked,"Why?"
And he replied,"I told you I would find a way to prove that I'd love you forever."
Tears strolling down my face I threw my arms around his neck and cried,
"You all ready have a thousand times before."
Mon Amour Toujours.