pain of desire

Written by: roger Ganga

Sometimes I ask myself why ?
All the love deteriorating, Christ it needs you to rejuvenate it,
All this anger in me like poison has intoxicated me,
My dream are saturated with vicious visions of your blood in my hands,
The pure tablet of my heart has been tarnished, leaving it in tatters 
I’m radiating anger, I could even endorse Bin Laden,

I feel like the devils apprentice,
In the story book of life I’m rapidly turning into the antagonist, 
omnicient father help me find a remedy,
All this anger is replenishable, its becoming chronic,
The networks of my mind are malfunctioning the Meer thought of joy petrifies me,
All this is your fault and your cursed bald head,
I swore to be a pacifist but may soul is filled with pugnacity, 
your repulsive demeanor, your barbaric attitude,
 but yet you hold tight the hands of an angel, 
every drop of blood running through my veins prophess my hate for you,
Lord why is this feeling so bitter? 
Sometimes  I wish I was void off all emotions like a vacuum is void of  all matter,