An Old Pickle Jar

Written by: Virginia Muller

A dusty, wooden table, painted a vibrant
red, stands alone in a vacant ole'
farmhouse kitchen.  Nearby is a
window sporting many panes of 
broken glass, allowing vivid sunlight 
to filter throughout this rotting structure.

A large jar adorns this wobbly 
legged piece of furniture.
A brown wilted vine drapes itself over 
the edge, meeting a dry, splintered wooden
floor, covered of mud, dead grass
and murky colored yellow weeds.

As I canvass this grim place, a vision
of sunniness glinting from old
glasswork fills my mind of what this room
may have once contained.  Light, airy
happy memories of a mother's
home baked cookies for her children, 
holidays and family gatherings.

Indeed, an empty pickle jar filled
with lustrous sunshine can put a
smile within one's heart.