Written by: Destiny Budd

Call it my place of inspiration
But don't call it the source
Because my muse doesn't bring *tranquility
Instead the confusion of an unstoppable force

Her *dulcet laugh leads me through a maze
To her simplistic place of *bliss
And only there does she radiate true *splendor
That indoors I surely miss

In her garden, sanctuary-- her own
She harmoniously hums, *lilting melodies
Because she feels no need to try for *eloquence
Among the unexpectant flowers and leaves

It is there in the garden of rosemary and *lavender
That the wind begins *wafting *fragrant scents towards me
And intimidating thoughts surround as it *whispers in my ear
"You're in love with that young lady"

Written March 10, 2010 for the Word Warrior Challenge