Through The Forest

Written by: Destiny Orschell

The tree branches hang dreadfully low
covering part of a long forgotten and aging path.
The dark green leaves brush delicately on my skin
as I crawl, inching my way by, creeping steadily through.
My fingers slip down the trunk of a towering old oak
while my toes seep deeper and deeper into the cold, soft earth.
The tree's thick limbs wrap their arms around me in a tight embrace, 
a simple hug keeping me alone in this one place.
I smile, as the esense of the forest washes over me calling me to stay,
but I continue on the feeling of longing burning a fire in my chest.
Someone...Some one is waiting, waiting for me.
A beautiful white flower gazing at the stars turns to kiss my cheek,
a silent goodbye as I edge closer and closer to the end of this journey.
A dim white light radiates through the a little space between the leaves,
I push forward and the leaves fall back behind me creating a helpful step.
A hand illuminated by the gentle rays of the moon reaches for my own.
As I take it the raging fire diminishes to a flame, then to embers, then to ash.
I blink back the tears, it's been a long time since I've seen your loving green eyes.
I glance at the kind forest that comforted me every step it took to finally get to you,
that smiled in encouragement as it helped my lost soul find its way home
that showed me no matter what happens friends are always there.