Big Boys Don't Cry

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Momma's gray streaked hair was her crowning glory,

Why she'd say, each one was unique and told its own special story.

And those deep set wrinkles, they didn't seem to bother her much,

It was just part of life, along with her tender touch.

Always there with words to lift the soul,

And making people smile that seemed to be her daily goal.

She never complained just took whatever life gave in stride,

She liked to make people think she was strong, but I knew she cried.

Her family was her world, all though some I don't think really knew,

She'd give you everything she owned then go in debt if she had too.

Whatever it took to keep her family safe and not suffering was what my mom was about,

She knew what life held and hardly ever did she speak with doubt.

I was her biggest fear and the cause of most those gray hairs,

You see I had lost my spiritual way and that was more than her old heart could bare.

But she never gave up, no she prayed and she prayed,

With her prayers and those of my wife, those dark clouds in my life began to fade.

Soon after I was back on the straight and narrow, I knew that she would soon be gone,

But her last days were her happiest I'd ever seen her, always smiling not a bit withdrawn.

Then came the day she left with no fanfare or so much as a bye,

But she did it her way and I can almost hear her now, straighten it up you're to big a boy
to cry