And They Danced

Written by: Destiny Orschell

He lay beside her, she lay beside him,
in a field beneath the twinkle of the summer night stars.
Taking a breath of the wild untouched air they carefully watched the sky
allowing the soft rays of moonlight radiate in their eyes.
Above them two souls join together gliding across the air with ease.
An angel pure as falling snow dancing hand in hand with an almost perfect saint -
he smiles and her heart skips a beat; she smiles and his heart races again.
Together they stepped right then with a gleam in his eye he twirled her left,
like a shimmer of light they spun one way then swirled gracefully to spin the other.
Unaware of the world around them everything came naturally,
but as golden rays appeared at the edge of the horizon it came time for goodbye.
The angel whispered a quiet goodbye as the saint disappeared  "Until tommorrow."
Below the couple had  disappeared and and bother were on their own.
He lay alone in is room and she lay alone in hers,
but he smiled sweetly at her and she smile sweetly at him
as both remembered the night their souls danced like angels.
The magic fled away from the sun on the tail of the moon,
but when the moon returned so did the magic.
And they danced.