Remember, You Fell...

Written by: Destiny Orschell

Seconds tick away and minutes don't last,
yet still you linger on that one memory in your past.
Replaying again and again in your head the small little clip
of that one little moment the night the balance of love and hate began to tip.
You remember the warmth of his cheek when he pressed it against yours
and the comfort of being in his arms as he whispered it was you he adores.
You recall the heaviness of the sorrow when he let you go and left the room,
how the world seemed darker when you were under that strange new gloom.
You think back to after he'd returned to when he smiled down at you sitting in his chair
and how you thought silently to yourself "I'll love you forever, I promise...Forever, I swear." 
Once again you felt his arms around you and didn't want him to ever let you go,
but he would have to, it was something you both had to know back sometime ago.
The minutes ticked away and the hours didn't seem to last
and at the end of the night when you had to say goodbye
you wondered why time went so fast
You return to the present and as he hugs you tightly something rings a bell.
"What happened?" you ask and he simply replies,"Don't you remember, you fell..."
You rub your head playfully and smile while thinking, "Yeah, and I fell for you hard."