The War Of Beliefs

Written by: Destiny Orschell

A fire burning in deep with in my heart
seeping deeper and deeper reaching for the fibers of my soul.
My smile disappears and I realize my hands are shaking
as my lack of patience reveals its true and threatening potential.
Small and quiet, I am not easy to anger,
but the fire it burns with an unrivaled amount of rage
and I hear the screams the dreadful shouting that rarely escapes my lips
echo in my head as the source of this problems continues on.
We all survive believing the way we will believe simply
because that's how we believe and that is how we live,
but when another rises to question our beliefs
it is merely a force of nature that we rise in turn to fight.
We fight for our beliefs and we fight for our way of life
simply because we know no different from what we know we know.
We should set aside our foolish pride to overcome this war before it starts.
Just because I believe one way and it helps me to survive
does not mean the way you believe does not help you to survive.
We are different, not one of us is the same,
so why should believing my way be the same as believing yours?
We could fight this war until there is not a man left to fight,
but no matter what our beliefs are what we live for and what we would die for
and nothing, not you, the person beside you, or the person beside me
will ever be able to say anything to convince me any differently.
So drag me down, tear me up, and tell me why I'm wrong
because the words that fall from your lips will mean nothing at all.