Written by: Destiny Orschell

Worried and frightened, tears filled her eyes,
And her vision blurred as the scene flashed white.
She held her breath, should she say her good byes?
Terrorized by the pain she held his hand tight
She knew she had to be brave or at least she had to try.
Trying to reassure her, he smile, and whispered,"It'll be all right."
Seeing his fear, she just shook her head and murmured,"Why?"
But she wanted to believe him, so she tried with all her might.
With the pain even worse now, she closed her eyes this time she couldn't lie.
I love you she thought because she didn't have the strength to fight.
She didn't want to believe it, but maybe now it was time to die.
Then she awoke, heart racing in a cold sweat, and she saw the morning light.
Although she could still feel the pain, she was alive, so she let go a soft sigh.

*In honor of the crash that could have killed us both if it hadn't been a dream.