Little Angel Of Mine

Written by: Destiny Orschell

Stars radiate from behind her precious little eyes
as the envious night cries out in obvious rage
of this beautiful angel in white.
Her blond hair hangs delicately around her neck.
She smiles sweetly at me and it takes my breath away
just watching her as she watches me.
The warmth of her heart momentarily carasses my cheek
and I smile back at her.
From the moment I had first laid my eyes on her I had loved her.
How can anyone help, but love her?
After all she is myangel's angel so naturally I can't do anything,
but love her even as I watch her walk away
to return to the man that in my eyes never be good enough
for this amazing little angel of mine,
but just as my angel loves me she loves him
so just to see her happy, just to make her smile
I'll let him have this little angel of mine.