The Prayer of Life

Written by: Billy McPherson Jr.

On the path of life
Paved in marble
The way is smooth
We come to a fork in the path
Two roads extend into oblivion
Left, paved in steel
Right, paved in gold
Temptations steer us to the steel
When we give in, rampaging time consumes
Age devours us
We are caught in mistakes
Lies and faults
When the all-familiar light emits
Suddenly cradled in warmth
God's embrace 
Strikingly true
Our judgment still clouded
We pray with the light
Hear a voice
" Come forth my child"
Into the light
The steel becomes gold
Angels greet us
The way is clear
Beautiful at most
Eyes shimmering at the sight
Of this angelic host
Nothing is more clear now
As we remember the cost
That returned which we've lost
The one sacrifice that changed humanity
One we all know
The heart we beat on
No boundaries
Heaven is our fate now