Divine Faith

Written by: Mutemwa Gideon

Open before my eyes is the sea of skies, 
With a deep blue horizon,
Stretching billions of light years away.
I hear the awe of the winking stars. 
As I see them sing in the great deep blue,
With a voice that dashes with a trail of sparkle and beauty.
A spirit of joy fills my heart.
And my thoughts drift in the peace of clouds,
I marvel at the creation,
That appears meaningful because of this life.

Truly the world is under me.
Compressed into the palm of my hand.
All impossible is possible,
When I see and remember 
That the universe before my eyes 
Has been made;
By Him that laid His life for me.
By Him that shed His blood for me
By Him that carried my cross for me
By Him that I believe in 
By Him that receives me with open arms
By him that is the Lord my God.