mary kay

Written by: ayo okpaku

"i know a formost designer called Mary Kay
Well,i know she was born in the month of may
but i cant remember the day
you know,she worked as an apprentice 
in one of my big designer shops
sssh! hey! dont let them know what i did say
before i get one of Mr. Butchers shops
At the end of the month i give her her pay
she doesnt even wait she just jumps into the ray

Plase dont tell anyone this 
back then i used to refer to her as miss
Just to recieve a hug and if possibly a kiss
Or fall into her vague rounds of hiss.
One day i proposed to her in a wonderful manner
On the day of our wedding there was a wedding
Performing at at the event was Tony Montana
we named our first child brandy
cos she loved to crush candy
and she loved our dog mandy,
we lived together in the south in a city so sandy"