Mary Oliver

Written by: Corinne Curcio

Mary Oliver

Mary, you were anything but contrary
As you loved your lady of so many years
As I do mine
And though your heart aches
From her death
Your reverence for life 

Your words bring a glimpse
Of the natural world
Igniting our hearts
To learn the important lessons
From our fellow creatures

Like me
You wonder
When a sparrow dies
If the skies open 
And angels cry
Or if they rejoice
As another winged one
Joins their ranks

When its tiny soul 
Is taken up to heaven
Does God welcome it and say
“Well done, little one”?

If anyone knows
I can almost believe
That you do

Mary, a very plain name
For an uncommon woman

An ode to the poet Mary Oliver - Written for Amy Greens Wow Me With Inspiration contest