A Loved Presumed

Written by: Destiny Budd

Summer romance,
Danger from day one,
Desire stronger than need,
Her heart already won.

Both hearts welcomed,
But never perfectly fit,
Passed secrets with lies,
To her hands from his.

His touch powerful and intense,
Made her feel strong,
But could not help her understand,
How it all could feel so wrong.

Hands held her below the water,
He thought she was

Flew through darkness,
Hands clenched to his waist,
He saw what he wanted.
The truth hidden by blind faith.

Fear versus love,
Danger written on his face,
But in her eyes,
Love took it’s place.

She wondered if they could say it,
‘I love you,’
‘I love you, too,’
But words do not always,
Speak the truth.

Truth versus love,
Fear spread thin,
Lets go of his hand,
She does not need him.
Written by my sister for a school project(We only changed two words) But really, I didn't
know she could write poetry! I'm proud. :)
Based off of the novel "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart" by Deb Calleti