Who R They?

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

Who R they who have said I must dress a certain way,
Who R they who have said I should eat what am being fed,
Who R they who have nothing better to do this instant.
Who R they who don’t know, that in everything there should
Be a balance instead.

Who R they who thinks I should live beyond my means
It may sound like a good plan at first, but it really isn't as
Good as it seems. They will lure, and blindfold you, and make
You believe. That their foolish suggestions is one to conceive.

The credit card company, mobile phone, cell phone the 
Lot. Retailer, Loan Company, do they think I’m that stupid
to give them the little I’ve got. One thing I know
A good lesson I’ve learnt, they can talk all they want
But they can never again get me in their grip. 

Copyright © by Abraham Silcott 05/04/2010