The Day I took Her Voodoo Away (true story)

Written by: Danny Nunn

In El Paso town is where "The Head Witch" make her nest
She is smart, clever mean, evil to the heart
her tentacles to grab her prey, reach far and wide
Been at war with this old heifer for 25 years, she claims to be the best
And she can take one for a wild ride
Like a tornado going through a town, tears it all apart

El Paso is the hot spot on the Mexican border drugs
Has been for many years, where the witch will be at
Everything that she does is a evil conspiracy
Works hand in hand with the Mexican Mafia and all of their thugs
When it comes to evil's general, she wears that hat
But like "The Wizard Of Oz", behind the curtain where you cannot see

Several years ago, she had one of her conspiracy after me
Acted like I had gone and peed in her cornflakes
I guess I did a little and crossed her path
I thought that I would send her something to settle her furry
So I decided that was enough,put in the brakes
She has been on cocaine for 40 years, full of mad wrath

So I sent her a Bible, in plain brown wrapping paper
Thought that Bible would take her voodoo away
Now if that did not get the old hussy 's under britches in a wad
Her little group, killed my best friend, my mother and has my daughter
But God will get  her one day, so that is okay
Scared her so bad, in open court testified she called the FBI bomb squad

A witch with no voodoo is no good when it comes to Black magic
Made the wart on her old nose glow in the dark
She vowed to get me, in any way
But she would love it better if it was tragic
God is stalking her, reckon he will hit his mark
The moral to this story..She will pay in her Judgment Day