Colour My world

Written by: Gareth James

Brown, how this colour demands order. Mother nature at work.
Gold talks with out words. Bow down to power and good health
Green, oh green, money or fields of green? Freedom for me please.
Orange, the new born of red and yellow. Creativity, is its game

Pink symbolizes the beauty of relaxed love and sweet kisses
White the colour of my Angel, purity and truth. Guided through time.
Red what a confidence colour loud and full of courage.
Purple so mysterious. Royal and magical. Imagination runs wild!

Indigo, dream in a new land. Intuition and meditation takes control
Black opens the door to new life. Solid and Stable through time.
Gray a care free colour. Never in fashion, never out. Just neutral
Yellow, what wisdom and joy it holds. Never too late to think twice
But, I am a Crayon Color and I color in the shade of Blue ......... because it's....

...Beautiful as the mid day sky
      Life can not be so with-out this peaceful blush
         Unbiased truth to the flow of communication  
            Eager to be youthful, full of spirit and protection

Together we can go on
Me and my magic crayon 
I will colour the world blue
It’s my blind dye, for that it’s true
Smother you with the never ending skies
It’s the paint in of the seas, your jeans and my eyes.