I am Related to Adam

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

Jesus raised from the dead
The third day, and the promise
of Salvation was fulfilled.
Salvation only in Jesus a new
life now begin.

Because Jesus lives i can live also
This message of hope i hold firm
everyday. When it's good night and 
bye, bye's on this side of life,
I will hear welcome my child enter
In, you're now here to stay.

When a loved one dies, it's only for
a moment.Reunion will come at last.
If our hope in Christ stands only in this life,
We will remain stressed out, miserable,
And hopeless, filled with hatred and strife. 

Adam died first, and the order remains
The second Adam (Christ) died and was raised,
Everyone has to die because we are related to the
first Adam, but Christ died for my sins freely and 
I have nothing to pay. 

Salvation in Jesus, freely he gave
To all those who will come boldly and say.
Thank you for your blood that was shed.
And for all i have done, thanks for dying
In my stead.