Written by: Michael Poyntz

I turn sixty-one this year
sixty-one…hard to believe 
cuz I don’t feel 
a day older than 

at twelve got me a paper route
first real job if you don’t count
picking raspberries with my sister
twelve bucks a month I owned the world

at eighteen got my diploma
and an invitation to be
all that I could be…or a commie
chose to go to school get edjicated

at twenty nine married the 
girl of my dreams proposed after 
four days..she was crazy enuf to say yes
every day a dream til she passed away

at forty eight I swooned the world
rode more planes than I can count
a mover and a shaker I was
gonna be a king of the hill

at fifty nine  laundry place
gave me a  seniors discount 
whispering it was our little secret
thing is I  ain’t pressed for time  anymore

at sixty one I live by the sea
own  house own  beach own teeth
beer in the fridge..for a rainy day
enjoy a Cuban cigar thinking about