One night

Written by: Shahana Jackson

It was you and me 
me and you
riding through traffic to your house

It was you and me 
me and you
talking about senseless things
just to pass by the time

It was you and me 
me and you
both knowing what 
was going to happen

You needed some juice 
and I was your current
both our cars plugged
into each others 

I gave you a jump 
I was the neglected one 
you got your shocks.

I guess it was just me 
that thought it would 
last more than just one night. 

It was me that expected 
to be satisfied. 

Me that thought I could be 
a hit and runner without a 

It was you and me
me and you 
our hearts driving 
in different directions 
like long distant relationships 

I stopped at a gas station in NY
you got plugged again in D.C
But in the same city we would 
never plug again.

I though I was brave. 
So why do I feel like 
a hitch hiker who got
ignored in the middle of the 
street when her thumb was up?

Why didn't the driver ever look back?