Thank God!

Written by: Gareth James

I woke but,
You were gone.
I prayed that,
You were wrong.
I called but,
You didn’t reply
I cried tonight,
You don’t know why.
I sang aloud,
You walked out.
I danced slow,
You had a doubt.
I thought a lot,
You dismissed us.
I ran to you,
You forgot all the fuss.

I gave up,
You wanted me back.
I felt less,
You assumed a trap.
I didn’t call,
You replied to all
I walked away,
You followed tall.
I don’t want this,
You are smitten  
I couldn’t care,
You didn’t want this written.
I am new,
You are old news.
I started anew,
You have the same old views.