This Is For Mama

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

In your womb I was conceived and firmly planted 
With your love and care I went through gestation 
I was in my own world yet we were in our world 
You and I having our special bonding of love 
Mama dear Mama your love is genuine. 

With open arms and loving heart you welcomed me 
In loving care you cuddled and pampared me 
In your love and care I grew and developed 
You noticed my every step as I grew up 
Mama dear Mama your care is peculiar. 

When I couldn't think you thought for me 
When I couldn't speak you spoke for me 
When I was in want you did gave me 
When I was in need you provided for me 
Mama dear Mama your understanding is true. 

With love you put me aright when I go wrong 
With love you redirect my steps when I stray 
You guided my walk through uneven ground 
Your suggestions and advice you happily give 
Mama dear Mama your concern is sincere. 

Could my love for Mama be so genuine 
Could my care for Mama be so peculiar 
Could my understanding of Mama be so true 
Could my concern for Mama be so sincere 
Mama you are the epitome of Motherhood.