The Journey I Make

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

This journey of mine began before I knew it 
The journey of my coming into this world 
My journey here started from conception 
From the coming together of two soul mates 
From their loving conjugal coitus relationship. 

My earliest movement was from my father's loin 
After the deposit in the tube I moved to the womb 
I bubbled in growth in my mother's womb 
Survived the journey from zygote to foetus 
Then through the boundaries of two worlds. 

My journey through infancy was with tender care 
My adolescence journey was with so much love 
I journeyed through teenage years with direction 
My early adult journey with discipline & guidance 
Full adulthood journey still had parental strings. 

Though the adult journey is still my will to make 
This journey's decision and consequences all mine 
Giant strides I would endeavour in this journey 
So that when at last my journey comes to an end 
There wont be any regrets of footsteps not taken.