Vigilante Justice

Written by: Danny Nunn

"That is him, he did it I tell you"
"I got the rope, take him to the Oak tree"
An angry mob wants justice for the one that they lost"
Most likely, an guilty agitator  stirring up the stew
Blind with anger and not on of them can see
Maybe an innocent scapegoat will pay the cost

We see all these malitas pop up, even on the Mexican border
A lot of loose cannons, fighting for a cause
Or just old pot bellies with a .45, looking for attention
Going to over throw the government, re-store law and order
"By God, get her back to the way she was"
Without any common sense, much less any direction

Taking the law into their own hands
Just hang someone so they can get justice
But maybe it is so to get the crowd to look the other way
Once a peaceful crowd, now murdering bands
"Oh it is him I tell you, just trust us"
"We are burning daylight, just do what I say"

This is the case, "two wrong don't make a right"
Most always the guilty dog will bark the loudest"
Pin the tail on the donkey and if the shoe fits, wear it
In time, the truth will shed it's light
The guilty, until caught most always will act the proudest
For vigilante justice, personally I have no use for it