Written by: Mike Butler

The planet oxygen 
Contained two constant 
Continents called H, 
Both covalently bonded, 
Similar in shape, surviving 
In a scheme far superior than 
The disparity that dawned 
Between them. 
One believed in steam, 
While the other fought for ice 
To rule their tiny planet. 
As time was spent and 
Universes bent, 
Forming self sustaining 
The rationale the 
Over opinionated 
Orbs realized was that, 
Somewhere deep beyond 
The matter that made 
Them matter they 
Couldn’t overlook 
The reality that if they 
Busted their bonds 
And didn’t get along 
And not coexist 
Water wouldn’t subsist,
And existence for some 
Would never, ever, 
Even exist. 

Submitted for Ad’s “What is civility to you?” contest