Food For Soul

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

If only I could eat every food known 
Food of a people tell the culture of a people 
Soul food not just food for the soul 
Satisfying dish gives the heart a treat. 

An all time delicacy is food for the soul
A dish I can eat any time any day 
A dish served as a welcoming treat 
A dish treated with the people's respect. 

This food is eaten with so much relish 
This food an appealing and apetizing dish 
This food for soul is a dish of nutrients 
Food for soul once eaten always hoocked on. 

This food for soul is simple but quite rich 
This food prepared differently by the people 
A palatable dish for one and for all people 
An acceptable food even for first timers. 

A nourishing meal of prepared tapioca 
A food known to the people as "African Salad" 
A food with accompanying complementary drink 
"Abacha Ncha" washed down with "Manya Ngwo".