Electronic Cupid

Written by: Beau Regard

The cold and certain fog of loneliness,
Leaving me sordid, in hollow unrest.
I found my pining to be most dreadful.
Though I churned the oleo, still grateful.

“Dear Breeze!” I gasped, “where hither my angel!?!” 
‘The highway my son, send her an e-mail.’
“Electronic Cupid?”  “Are you quite sure!?!”
‘One last letter, one last song, one last chord.’

Gather my gumption and gather my grace,
I’ll send her questions.  What a pretty face.
At last, I hit "Send", my taut heart holding,
Then I sat in the shadows, waiting… waiting...

And from behind the curtains a white dove,
Gave me the chance to have the life I love.

Inspired by the Member Contest: "The Best day of your life!" sponsored by Gareth James