The News

Written by: Danny Nunn

Twenty four hours a day, we are bombarded with this coverage
Rather we like it or not, right there in our face
They will make sure that we hear their side
Wear a person down, leave them in a rage
Can't get away form it, it is all over the place
Nor can you crawl under a rock and hide

Go to the grocery store to buy a loaf on bread
On every magazine stand, all about Hollywood
Of the rich and famous, who is doing who
Big bold letters in red
Tabloid scandals that are no worldly good
But once again they have got you

Find a person guilty before they get to trial
Smear their names in the mud that they have made
Without a chance to speak or have a defense
It is always the same, even if you change thee dial
The price has been paid, look at all the money they have made
They call it news, I call it nonsense

Is it brain washing or a form of propaganda
Television, radio, newspaper, internet all the same
Nothing really to report, programmed gossip
Like a very well planned out form from their agenda
They play it so well, like a game
Next time you watch the news, think about it?