Goodbye ....

Written by: Bathsheba Bathsheba

Hi Everyone

I have been on the site a couple of weeks now and unfortunately it has not quite worked out 
for me on a personal level. I would like to thank all the kind folk who have left me feedback. 
I will be eternally grateful for all the nice comments and support that I have recieved during 
my time here. 

But... alas I feel too restricted. 

There are 2 main reasons why I am leaving and they are as listed below:

1) The Profanity Rule is as far as I am concerned too restrictive for my creative juices to 
flow properly. Sometimes a profanity is relevant to hit home a point. Not in a gratuitous way 
but in a way that is relavant to the structure and the form of the write.

2) There are way too many GODBODS on this site. Constantly preaching at us through the 
written word. I find the menatlity of these people completely unbelievable in this day and 
age. They insult my intelligence with their lack of intelligence.

So .... There it is in a nutshell !!!

If anyone is interested in reading anymore of my work they can find me at HELLO POETRY. 

It is a lovely site full of lovely people - Come on over - I'll introduce you to some real nice 
folk who are really passionate about poetry. You won't be dissapointed !!!

Kind Regards