Written by: Destiny Budd

In every classic fairytale
Comes a happy ending
But in life some people fail
To see it as a real thing.

And I tell them "just keep hope 
You're on the right road
Although you think that I joke,
I know you'll find your toad."

And then some ole fella says
"Your heart has never been broken,
You're gonna get yourself a mess
If you keep your heart so open."

I argue "Sir, hearts are strong,
I know you think that I'm wrong
And that mine may not have broken
But at times it has been torn
Yet it's still a precious token
-Glowing and gracefully worn.

And others can't take it away,
That's what you can do.
Or you can choose to let it stay
And wait out dreams come true.

Yes wounds are inevitable,
Make you feel very dumb,
But what can make more trouble
Is being tough and numb

If you don't give things a chance,
You may pass up the best
And never get your ballroom dance
Or get a peaceful rest.

So which one will it be:
Deprive yourself of any love
Or live a fantasy?"

September 2009