Written by: Tanya Jenkins

I was appointed 
To preach the word
A destiny 
That I have long denied
Not that I don’t love 
Because I was 
Uniquely designed
Fashioned in his likeness
But shaped in
Forever will I be
 Linked to my past history?
Adam and Eve
 Were my first parents
GOD was very excited about his creation
Eve became distracted 
As the subtle enemy infiltrated
 To bring doom to 
GOD’s holy nation
Sin was born 
Through disobedience Eve heeded in her spirit
Blame was rendered 
Through Adam forgetting his creator’s
 Instruction, power and wisdom
Not wanting to destroy his wondrous creatures
GOD making a declaration to eternally keep 
Man from the tree of life
Good & Evil
 Laying in abeyance within their mortal beings and heart
Descendants of this trait through bloodlines
Reprobates mankind became
Causing GOD to extirpate the world 
Saving 8 souls
Extracting from GODS ubiquities 
A virgin was chosen to birth 
Our redeemer
Impeccable Master 
Laid down his life 
Wayward Generation
Now that you know 
HIS story 
What are you going to do?
I choose to 
Carry my cross 
And walk
But the choice is up to