Never End

Written by: casper chubs

I just wish this would never end
Because even in my dreams you exist
And you truly are my bestfriend
Its your touch that i cant resist

And missing you is the hardest part
Being away from eachother hurts
When i dont see you it breaks my heart
But the thought of you alone comforts

And seeing you leaves me paralyzed
My heart beats so fast its on fire
This means im in love i have theorized
To be with you is my only desire

And im trying to savor our embraces
Savor that look you always give me
Everyone can tell by the look on our faces
That look that says that im finally free

I just wish that i could rewind or fast forward
Most of my happy times have been spent with you
I think it can all be summed up in one word
And that everlasting word is love nothing but true