A Prayer of Hope

Written by: Colleen Bono

While I am here I am praying for my sins,
I wait for the day my new life begins.
With the nights so cold,and the days all the same,
I slowly face my hidden pain.

How could it be so hard to see,
the shame I carry inside of me.
My happiness and joys are no longer mine,
all that is left is lonely time.

For the mistakes I have made I am paying severely,
I miss my family,I miss them dearly.
No longer free from worries and woes,
how long it will last only GOD knows.

But strength is within,strong as hell,
I have tripped and stumbled but never fell.
They can take my freedom, but not my heart,
I will find peace,alone in the dark.

My hopes and my dreams are held so tight,
for more strength I pray everynight.
Someday soon I will find my way,
but here I pray until that day.

                         COLLEEN MARIE BONO