Sheriff Pinnochio

Written by: Danny Nunn

Based on a Danny Nunn poem on Poetry Soup.." High Sheriff".

I had a dream last night maybe some reality
That I was in a lawsuit, forced to be my own lawyer
Purgury was the language of the day, the truth was seldom spoken
The wolves were at my door, I was in enemy territory
I knew the truth but I was no lawyer
They could do no wrong and laws were broken

The Judge had been bought off with drug money, sheriff as well
The "Mafioso" was pretty much in control
They have the money to buy he best, they go for the top
For a honest person, it can be a living Hell'
When he courthouse, law enforcement and the Devil has their soul
Satan smiles on a dirty cop

In my first cross examination I called the High Sheriff
"Sheriff this will be short, but take a deep seat"
"Anything wrong with that chair, you squirm a lot for a innocent man"
"Are you responsible for getting criminals and contraband"
"You are sweating a lot, summer time it maybe the heat"
"Yes Sir, just answer the question as truthfully as you can"

"I don't have to answer your questions, you are not a lawyer"
"Yes I know just here in search of justice"
"Is it true that cocaine will make a person lie"
"Seems to be a lot of that nasty stuff on the Mexican border"
"I don't have to put up with your crap and hocus pocus"
"Sir is your nose bothering you and i wonder why:

"At this time would you submit to a drug test"
"And why not, are you above the law"
"You are rubbing it a lot, I mean your nose"
"Isn't it true, in Texas that say that you are the best"
"But in reality, you are just an old outlaw"
Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury Look at Sheriff Pinnochio's nose"