Feeling Real

Written by: casper chubs

This feeling turns me into a freak
I begin to twitch and shake like a leaf
I knew from the start this life is bleak
And in this world there is no relief

Sometimes i want to peel my own skin
Just jump out of this natural barrier
I could take that guy he looks pretty thin
Of that emotional disease that im a carrier

So should i just beat him to a pulp
Could i maybe just break a knee
Ha I could swallow that in one gulp
Afterwards i tell him to try and flee

It just feels like a bug i cant kill
Like this feeling is an annoyance
When i have it i get a great chill
For it to be gone would be a joyance

But im glad it is here in a way
Because it tells me that i feel
Okay so it ruined my whole day
But at least i know that its real