Written by: Carolyn Henderson

The flight had been long
as the jet soared through night.
My neighbors were lifelessly still,
weary for sleep, the night would fulfill,
and morning would graciously greet.

High up in space, I silently watch
as the sky passes from the deep.
Moving at its pace, much lighter still,
the sun, birthing change at will.
I must await, new dawning is nigh.

Daybreak speaks in a soft faint glow,
appearing shyly on the far horizon.
But in a blink of the eye,
God painted the sky,
with tones found in welcomed aurora.

Sweet blush of spring, orchids in bloom,
purple mystery in dawn’s warm glow,
rainbow tints on a panoramic screen
vividly show this God-given scene,
molded in joy and heavenly peace.

I placed my hand on the window pane,
watching white billowy clouds afloat.
God gave us his all and gave us his best.
On this soft tenderness, I could rest
if my hand could but touch.

Far above where angelic clouds surround,
the plane adrift or afloat,
clinging both far beyond and below
in this ocean of fresh fallen snow,
welcoming us into the light.

Such a spectacular sight to behold!
Sun-lit clouds dressed in white,
the scene so enameled with grace,
seemed to foretell that heavenly place,
where he awaits with pallette in hand.

I stayed three weeks and traveled far,
saw beautiful views and noted places,
but none can compare to that morning’s
glory in dawning.
Thank you God for all creation!