Head In The Sand

Written by: Danny Nunn

You can look the other way, say you did not see a thing
Do not want to get involved, let the other guy do it
Beside you have to many other things to do
You want to hear the music, but you don't want to sing
If backed into a corner, you throw a fit
That is what some people will do

Don't take a stand, but go with the flow
Power in numbers, but the majority is not always right
Some day if you lose your right to vote
That would be a sad thing for anyone to know
You would lose the war without a fight
And complain that you missed the boat

You say you want relaxation and distractions
Besides this is all to complicated to understand
It works in their plan, they will give it to you
Like taking candy from a baby, could care less of your reactions
Like a heavy fog it will cover this land
And this is what they are planning to do

If your head is in the cloud, you will never see a thing
If you turn a deaf ear, you will hear less
Never get called on, if you do not raise your hand
They want you totally numb, never feel a thing
And we wonder why we are in such a mess
Some live in La La Land, with their head in the sand