Destroyer Vs Gareth James (Round 2)

Written by: Gareth James

James Gareth is what you call me Destroyer
No charge but released by a good lawyer 
A technicality as my names Gareth James!
That’s Gareth first, now I’ve shot you down in flames!

Oh, and my H.C. Hammers, did you want them back?
They may need a wash as they’ve been half way up my crack.
I know they are your favourite undercover police clothes
The cap that came with it, you want that back I suppose?

That must be the cap you was on about?

You shot me! Zap, Zap zigidy Zap
Is that all you could come up with? Put on your thinking cap!
Back to the drawing board, you must go
Find some words, none of yours offend me so!

I called you hot, I remember, for that I know
I meant the humid heat coming from your big toe!
My words of yesterday may rot like you said
Mother nature and I, we share the same bed ;-)

I’m surprised you know what a Haiku is?
Maybe you should hang in your gloves, and try a kids quiz?
I think you need to chose a brand new name
Your reputation now, has been shot down in a flame

Destroyed my poetry, for you have not
Your name again, remind me, for I have forgot?

(I said it would take me a while PD!!! Good fun to write though!!)
For poets seeing this for the first time, it is fun autherised fun between the poets involved! 
No new blogs needed!!!